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Nakamoto designs approaches and methods for achieving project requirements that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for our clients' needs, environment, and circumstances. This approach stems from the extensive experience Nakamoto's staff and consultants have in working with racially, ethnically, geographically and economically diverse communities. Our staff and consultants have worked closely with community-based organizations from diverse communities on a variety of issues, such as improving access to quality health care, increasing the availability of culturally competent health professionals to provide care in rural under served areas, developing recommendations for addressing community and economic development issues in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, providing training on Hepatitis C to opioid treatment providers, and increasing the representation of Hispanics in the Federal workforce.

Working with Partners

Nakamoto's management approach also reflects the importance we place on forging and maintaining partnerships with other private sector groups, non-profit organizations and national, state and local organizations which represent a wide variety of interests and constituents. These partnerships are an added value for our clients. Not only do they supplement Nakamoto's staff's knowledge and capabilities, but they also increase our ability to reach specific populations groups quickly. An example of this is our staff's working in partnership with a national organization representing opioid treatment providers that has enabled them to quickly obtain methadone treatment clinics' participation in conducting Hepatitis C training sessions.