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Federal Detention Division

Real Experience
Our Corrections/Security Experts average 26 years Executive level experience in Corrections, Auditing/Inspecting, Security, Program Management, and all aspects of Community-Based programming and Institutional Detention.

Facility/Program Preparation for PREA Standards
Are you ready for the Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards? Nakamoto is! We can assess your operation and physical plant, train your staff, and prepare your program or facility for compliance with the new law. We are staffed with experts on all versions of the PREA Standards: Adult Prisons and Jails (with Immigration Supplement), Juvenile Facilities, Lockups, and Community Corrections. We'll ensure that your Federal funding is not jeopardized due to PREA deficiencies.

Facility/Program Compliance Monitoring
Nakamoto is rich in compliance monitoring and technical assistance experience; in fact, Nakamoto's Federal Detention Division facilitates the ONLY on-site monitoring contract for the 300-plus Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities. We have proven our capabilities and expertise in evaluating Standards as they are intended to apply to a given setting; AND, we provide the technical assistance to achieve compliance. Our capabilities encompass community-based programs, jails, prisons, and other treatment or correctional settings.

Security Management
Have you experienced a significant incident? Or have you seen the signs that one may be coming? Nakamoto can evaluate your facility, identify and implement security measures appropriate for the target environment, and manage your security systems and practices, for the short term or permanently. Our experts will stay on-site as long as necessary to ensure your satisfaction...and peace of mind.

Corrections Executive Management Temporary Staffing
Opening a new facility? Expanding an existing one? Staff shortages at mid-to-executive levels? We have the professionals to fill the void until your staffing pattern is populated- so take the time to do it right the first time. We'll provide the leadership, supervision, and training to keep your operation performing at the highest levels while you search and select your permanent Team Members. Jails, prisons, community facilities, or treatment programs- we can cover it all!

Policy Writing for Correctional Facilities/Reentry Programs/Community-Based Operations
Great practice follows great policy. Nakamoto can write your policy to your specifications, or evaluate your operation and create policy that is best suited for your mission. We also can ensure that your policies are sufficient to meet ACA, NCCHC, JAHCO, or ICE-NDS/PBNDS requirements. Reentry policy and program creation? Nakamoto can do it. We'll do all the technical work, and your success will be the result.

Emergency Plans for Correctional Facilities
Emergency preparedness is paramount for public safety, employee safety, and incarcerate safety. Nakamoto's technical writers and security experts will tailor Emergency Plans to the needs of your operation and physical plant. Our Team expertise includes Emergency Response/Training, ADA, Health and Safety, Medical and all other major components within the Emergency Planning realm.

ACA/NCCHC/NDS-ICE/JCAHO Accreditation Preparation
When you decide to move into an accreditation or certification process, make Nakamoto part of your success plan. Our professionals will take you from zero to compliance, from the first assessment to the accreditation review. We'll build your policies, practices, and training modules to ensure that all of your Team Members know their role in the process and how their work effects your success; and we'll be there with you during the actual inspection, audit, or review to ensure that your goal is achieved.

Staffing Analysis/Budget Analysis
Nakamoto has the resources to provide detailed analysis and reporting on the current state of your staffing as related to your mission and operation. Supervision models, alternative shifts, and shared duty plans are just a few of the concepts that will be explored in theory as we move through the analysis. Subject to your needs and approval, we can also lead you through the actual changes you desire and preserve your resources while providing the most efficient methods of performing your work; all this while guaranteeing the safety of your environment and the quality of your product.

Worried about your budget? Our financial team, all of them versed and experienced in facility and program budgeting, will give you the insight you need, based on critical analysis of your funding, your mission, and your priorities. And the best part? This product is brought to you by corrections budget management professionals, not pencil-pushers who have never worked in facilities or program environments. We'll make you audit-ready without ever suggesting fiscal tactics that will increase the element of danger in your operation.

Program Analysis, Program Implementation;
Reentry Programs, AOD, Social Programs
Our experts have authored, implemented and managed reentry and social programs of all types, as well as numerous results-based Alcohol and Drug Recovery programs, in both community-base settings and institutions. Engaging programs that have empirical research documenting their success are the programs that work; and Nakamoto knows these programs. Our programs and providers will assess your clients, plan treatment, and identify and implement the programs that will reduce recidivism and prevent relapse. Dual diagnosis programming? We're big on that too!