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Conference Planning & Management

Nakamoto uses an approach to conference planning that easily adapts to a client's particular needs and ensures a successful meeting. We are active partners with clients, from concept development through meeting closeout. Our staff's commitment to excellence results in a personalized touch to make each meeting unique.

Nakamoto staff members plan and manage meetings ranging from small, local sessions to large, national conferences. The types of meetings our staff has planned and supported include focus groups, training sessions, workshops, and advisory committee meetings.

Nakamoto offers a full complement of conference management services, including pre-meeting, onsite, and post-meeting support. Our staff prepares background papers, materials, and workshop presentations for participants and speakers. Our staff members also arrange travel and lodging for attendees and speakers. We make airline, train, and any ground transportation arrangements that may be necessary. We are familiar with the challenges involved with travel to or from rural areas and take the necessary steps to ensure a successful trip. We also work directly with an independent audiovisual company to provide the meetings with a full range of audiovisual services. These include interactive presentations, audio and video production and recording, web broadcasting and secured intranet viewing. Our writers prepare session reports, full-length proceedings, detailed minutes, and meeting summaries for print and web publication. Our graphics and publications staff designs and edits original logo art used on program books, name badges, tent cards, websites, and other collateral materials.

Pre-meeting Services

Our conference planning staff meets with clients to establish comprehensive time lines and to make recommendations regarding program content and format. We also develop publicity pieces and distribution methods, coordinate meeting logistics, produce meeting materials, plan meal functions and special events, and organize audiovisual equipment and services. We stay in constant communication with our clients throughout the planning process by providing frequent status reports and timely financial updates. In addition, our staff members are skilled in negotiating contracts with meeting venues that maximize services and equipment while minimizing expenses and virtually eliminating any liability for attrition, cancellation, and other potentially litigious developments.

Pre-meeting services include:

  • Planning support and program development
  • Budget preparation
  • Participant identification and selection
  • Preparation and sending of invitations and logistical information
  • Site selection and reservation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Meeting room arrangements and food and beverage needs
  • Arrangement of audiovisual services
  • Publicity materials preparation and distribution
  • Management of the registration process
  • Domestic and international travel arrangements
  • Lodging arrangements
  • Establish and coordinate program agenda
  • Preparation of meeting materials for participants, including participant list, name badges and tent cards
  • Planning of group events, including entertainment
  • Editorial and graphics services
  • Web site design and management, including online registration
  • Preparation of reimbursement vouchers

Sensitive Issues

Nakamoto staff members are well versed in dealing with sensitive issues and cultural concerns. In addition to topic sensitivity, we understand that working with VIPs entails security and perhaps political considerations. Our staff members are aware that any breaches or compromises in these concerns is a serious matter, with significant repercussions (e.g., possibly resulting in termination). All of our current and previous clients respect our work in these sensitive areas.

Onsite Support

Nakamoto's onsite support features personalized rapid responses to the needs of our clients and participants. Our staff is constantly monitoring the event and immediately accessible to all attendees. We can provide support in the audiovisual arena, from neatly capturing discussions on flip charts to making signs, slides, and overheads. Our staff can take notes on one day's discussions and quickly write and produce a topline report to open the next day's session, reporting on the day's events.

Onsite meeting services include:

  • Registration
  • Speaker assistance
  • Administrative support
  • Information center operation
  • Recording and transcription of sessions
  • Audiovisual and technical services, including web and satellite broadcasting
  • Production services, including video production
  • Coordination of exhibits and posters
  • Monitoring the meeting room
  • Photography arrangements

Post-meeting services

Following a meeting, our conference staff collects participant feedback ensuring client satisfaction. Nakamoto also produces post-meeting materials and processes reimbursement vouchers. We have the ability to prepare strategic plans or position papers resulting from the meetings.

Post-meeting services include:

  • Thank-you letters
  • Minutes/summaries
  • Reports of action items
  • Verbatim transcripts
  • Editing of presenters' papers
  • Technical reports and proceedings
  • Post-conference materials preparation and distribution
  • Evaluation reports
  • Debriefings
  • Reimbursement processing
  • Vendor invoice payment
  • Interim and final report preparation
  • Financial report preparation

Client Satisfaction

Nakamoto's focus on client satisfaction is evident through the continual positive feedback we receive from our current clients. We know that it is important not only to meet service demands, but to exceed client expectations. Not to be overshadowed by our pre-meeting and onsite service, is our prompt payment of vendor and consultant invoices and reimbursement vouchers. We pay our supported meeting attendees within 15 calendar days of receipt of an approved reimbursement form. Nakamoto's strong financial position and excellent vendor relationships enable us to meet unexpected expenses with on-the-spot purchasing, provide travel advances and deposits, and obtain a high level of vendor service for each event we support.