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Nakamoto's professional publications team provides publication and editorial support to all of Nakamoto's divisions and clients. Our technical publications division includes veteran technical, economic, financial, and science writers, researchers, technical editors and proofreaders, graphic artists, and publication and desktop publishing specialists. Our services are described below:


Staff members conduct original research and data collection as well as review and analyze available research data. We design research studies and surveys, collect field data, and analyze and report on data for our clients. We also research and write scientific reports, economic reports, financial reports, analytic reports, monographs, and literature reviews.

Technical and Scientific Writing

Nakamoto writers report on the nature, conduct, and outcomes of technical scientific research projects; prepare technical manuals and reports; conduct literature reviews; write abstracts; and summarize the results of meetings and conferences.

Technical and Scientific Editing and Proofreading

Technical editors and proofreaders ensure that documents are well written, logically organized, and error free. They are familiar with scientific terminology and a variety of editorial styles, including the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), Associated Press, and Chicago. They also perform indexing and check all references. For example, Nakamoto performed all the editing, proofreading, printing, copying, and binding of the Program Safeguard Contractor (PSC) Statement of Work for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These documents grew in length and scope for a number of years and needed to be refurbished from the perspective of content, style, consistency, and grammar. Nakamoto used a leading science writer whose work has appeared in publications as diverse as Nature and The New York Times to rewrite those documents. Substantive review was provided by a former Health Care Financing top official. Nakamoto has also been asked by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) to write a report to the President regarding community and economic development in Asian American & Pacific Islander communities.

Graphics and Publications Development and Production

All of the products and service areas for which Nakamoto offers support require graphic design, whether simply a typeface selection for an administrative report or a comprehensive, cohesive look for many different conference materials (including logo, registration form, promotional brochure, signs, and name badges). Nakamoto graphic artists and desktop publishers are proficient in the use of a broad range of software for designing all types of products, including professional and scientific graphs and charts, newsletters, conference proceedings, exhibits, posters, brochures, manuals, specialty items such as buttons and tote bags, and catalogs. They can design eye-catching but inexpensive and reproducible black-and-white materials as well as make maximum use of four-color printing when a budget permits.

Our graphics staff has demonstrated capabilities in the following areas:

  • Computer graphics
  • Business/presentation graphics
  • Preparation of camera-ready artwork
  • Logo design
  • Training materials
  • Publication layout/design
  • Illustration

Printing and Distribution

Our publication specialists prepare publications and other materials for reproduction according to clients' needs. Nakamoto offers in-house color printing for small-quantity items and coordinates with GPO for large-quantity reproduction. For large-quantity reproduction not requiring GPO support, Nakamoto uses the services of commercial printing companies. We also prepare documents for uploading to the World Wide Web in both HTML and PDF formats.

Collaboration with other Divisions

The technical publications staff also provides editorial and graphics support to all of Nakamoto's other divisions.

Examples of Products

Products for which we can provide documentation and editorial support include the following:

  • Research reports and recommendations
  • Program analyses and recommendations
  • Pre-meeting materials (agendas, participant lists, correspondence, fact sheets, publicity pieces, briefing documents, background materials, program and abstract books [including cover art], presentation materials/ computer graphics and other visual aids, signs, and posters)
  • Post-meeting materials (transcripts, summary reports, proceedings, monographs, journal articles, evaluation/analyses, technical reports, and debriefing reports)
  • Congressional reports
  • Fact sheets
  • Guides, training manuals, and other educational materials

The services Nakamoto provides in designing and developing these products include theme development, onsite note-taking, research, writing, content editing, copyediting (following GPO and clients' styles), proofreading, desktop publishing, formatting for Web sites, translation, transcription, photography, and liaison with printers and other vendors.

Tape Transcriptions, Note-Taking, and Transcription from Meetings and Conferences

Nakamoto staff members have years of experience attending meetings and reporting on their proceedings. They have compiled papers from multiple authors and prepared proceedings documents. Our staff members have also prepared meeting summaries for a number of clients.

If transcriptions are required, our transcriber will attend the meeting, record it, and produce verbatim transcripts. If desired, a Nakamoto editor can edit these transcripts.

If notes and/or minutes are needed, a Nakamoto writer will attend the meeting and produce a detailed or summary report.

If a proceedings document is needed, Nakamoto writers, editors, and desktop publishers will compile the papers, slides, and other presentation materials; write, rewrite, or edit the papers; query the authors; and produce a proceedings of the meeting. Nakamoto graphics and production staff can also prepare the publication, from page layout and design and graphics production to printing specifications.

Technical Editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading Scientific and Technical Manuscripts and Monographs

Our experienced editors are more than disinterested wordsmiths following a set of rules. They are professional assistants to authors, helping them communicate complex ideas in a way most acceptable to the target audience. The editor's role is to ensure clear communication between authors and their audiences, not to second-guess or change an author's results or conclusions. Nakamoto editorial staff members are well aware of the demanding, sometimes delicate challenge of ensuring verbal clarity while respecting the technical expertise of the writers. Nakamoto editors possess the knowledge, skills, and flexibility to move easily among many styles of editing while maintaining disciplined attention to the myriad details of each document.

Graphics, Design, and Production

Nakamoto staff members have produced a wide array of graphics, presentations, brochures, reports and advertisements.

For any activity under this type of task, we would ask:

  • What is the publication format? (Newsletter, brochure, report, etc.)
  • What are the basic specifications? (Font sizes and types, page layout)
  • Is the text keyed and approved for camera-ready or pre-flighted electronic files? If not, at what stage is the text so that we can determine associated writing and editorial work?
  • What are the software requirements?
  • What are the graphics requirements? (Style sheet, tables and graphs, clip or original art, photographs)
  • What are the final deliverable requirements? (Electronic file, dpi output)
  • What are the printing requirements? (Number of colors, paper stock, size of paper, binding, quantity, printing source, quality control such as press inspection)

Nakamoto staff members are familiar with a variety of software programs and platforms and have access to the hardware necessary to provide high-quality output.

Nakamoto would welcome the chance to provide our expertise in both the design and layout of presentation graphics. Our desktop publishers and production specialists know that producing effective presentations includes selecting proper backgrounds and color schemes, limiting the amount of text on each slide, maintaining consistency in heading hierarchy and bullets, paying attention to readability, and providing eye-catching and relevant visual images.

Professional and Technical Papers/Articles

Nakamoto writers/ editors have found that any writing/editing assignment executed successfully and on schedule begins with a clear definition of the target audience, the publication in which the item will appear, how the document will be promoted and distributed, the topic to be addressed, and the point to be made. The writer/editor also should be aware of sensitive or controversial policy issues and other relevant matters, including when the topic was last addressed.

The writer/editor's first step after receiving the preliminary text and information about the scope, aim, and target audience is to examine the materials existing in Nakamoto's subject files and to conduct a literature review through appropriate databases. Nakamoto Staff members have experience in conducting searches and then collecting the full text of articles specified by the writer. If necessary, the writer will interview subject-matter experts and program managers.

Journalistic Writing

Nakamoto staff members are experienced researchers and writers and have prepared articles for scientific journals as well as health promotion and health communication materials for Web and general public dissemination.

Speeches and Other Presentation Materials

Writing speeches is quite different from writing articles and reports. The writer must work closely with the speaker to deliver his or her message in a personal style.

The speech writer should strive to pull in the audience right from the beginning and then keep it engaged throughout the talk. To do this, the writer will prepare the audience for the topic of the speech, deliver the message, and then provide a wrap-up highlighting the main message.

Nakamoto's speech writers will interview experts, conduct research, and prepare each speech tailored to the specific target audience.